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What is a Club and What is a Forum...THIS IS IMPORTANT

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What is a Club and What is a Forum...THIS IS IMPORTANT

Post  Admin on Fri 24 May 2013 - 13:58

Before trying to register for this forum please note that the forum is NOT a bike club in its own right.

This Forum is NOT a bike club, it exists as a subsidiary of the Pan-Clan, National Pan-European Owners Club and access to the members area is only available once you are a fully paid up member of the Pan-Clan.

Many people are confusing the forum as being the club, as there are many forums purporting to be clubs and this is not the case.

So, please don't try to register for the members area before joining the Pan-Clan first.

The Pan-Clan IS the club where you will be given a membership number and that will allow you access to the members area.

I'm sorry if this seems a bit 'Sucky Eggs' but unfortunately there are a great many forums pretending to be clubs when a club is more than just a discussion board.


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