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Big up for JS Gedge

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Big up for JS Gedge Empty Big up for JS Gedge

Post  Jack Milton on Mon 4 Aug 2014 - 17:42

Was visiting the area on Friday/Saturday and having covered a fair distance from home I realised the smaller of the two rear wheel bearings was not at its best Sad to be fair its done a fair old distance since last changed and you get no real warning it's about to fail till it does Shocked 

So started the ring around the Honda dealers to get it or both bearings swapped, given I was only planning on being in Ramsgate for a couple of days it meant I was looking for a bit of a favour, for someone with the right kit and know-how its a 30 to 45 minute job to do both rear bearings on an ST1100.

As they were closest, East Kent were  first on the list, had one of the bearings (the one that really needed doing) but couldn't fit me in till Wednesday Sad Maidstone next, had both bearings but they couldn't even look at the bike till 9th Aug and may not even be able to do it then Rolling Eyes

JS Gedge in Hastings next, 10 mins after calling them and explaining the problem I get a call back, "we can get the bits by tomorrow and sort the bike out if you can get it here" cheers  So a gentle run down the coast in the morning, bike in just after midday and on my way home by 2pm, excellent service as far as I'm concerned. They had even offered if I got over early enough to loan me a bike till mine was fixed Cool Maybe they would have if they knew my "just going for a ride mileage" Laughing 

All I can say is if that is JS Gedge's normal service for visitors then its a great service and would recommend them over the other two shops without hesitation Smile
Jack Milton
Jack Milton

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